National Association of Collaborative Professionals


What is Collaborative divorce?

Collaborative Divorce is an interdisciplinary team approach to dispute resolution in which the parties, their lawyers, and the collaborative team commits to work cooperatively to reach a divorce settlement. The team includes a mental health practitioner as well as a neutral financial professional.

The collaborative team members are all trained in the process of collaborative divorce. The collaborative divorce offers a contained and healing process on how to end a marriage fairly and inexpensively.


What is the NACP?

Following from this, these practitioners have formed an association of collaborative professionals, the National Association of Collaborative Professionals (NACP). The NACP aims to promote collaborative divorce and to train other interested professionals in the theory underpinning behind the process


Most Recent Information and News

The Future of Collaborative Practice: A vision for 2030

In just twenty years, collaborative practice has grown and blossomed into a powerful force in the world of conflict resolution. The goal of this special issue has been to examine the state of collaborative practice today, where some leading collaborative practitioners believe we are heading in the nearnfuture and, now, I offer some of my predictions of where the field may be twenty years from now, in 2030.


The First four-way meeting Checklist

The discussion of collaborative process as part of ADR and the Continuum: where it fits and how it works in comparison to other conflict resolution processes, Seriousness of good faith commitments etc.


Stages and tasks in a collaborative case

The First meeting with the client;  Establish rapport with client, Explain collaborative law and the dispute resolution "menu", Achieve or confirm client "buy-in" to collaborative process and Elicit from client information about priorities and likely hot button.


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